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 Organic Structure

The School of Sciences is a teaching and research organic unit of the University of Minho, which enjoys scientific, pedagogical, cultural and administrative authonomy.

The School is composed by the following Organs:
Governing Organs:
a) School's Council
b) President
c) Scientific Council
d) Pedagogical Council
e) Management Council

Consultative Organ:
Consultative Council

Presidence Members:
Prof. Doutor Nuno Miguel Machado Reis Peres (Interim President of the School of Sciences)
Tel.: 00 351 253 60 43 34
Email: / 

Prof. Doutor José Bernardo Rodrigues Brilha (Vice-President)
Tel.: 00 351 253 60 43 06

Prof. Doutor António Maurício Costa Fonseca (Vice-President)
Tel.: 00 351 253 60 40 56