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 Structuring Projects

Resear​ch structuring projects at the School of Sciences:

​The Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability (IB-S) is an initiative from the University of Minho. It bridges a large number of researchers from very diverse fields of expertise, namely Environmental Biology, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Molecular Biotechnology, Materials Sciences, Physics and Mathematics, developing cutting-edge fundamental and applied research for sustainable development. It was founded as a joint venture between two Research Units from the University of Minho, CBMA (Molecular and Environmental Biology Research Centre) and ISISE (Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering). 

IB-S stands on a fundamental notion, that the technological solutions for the pressing and complex sustainability problems the world is increasingly facing, cannot be found by single disciplines. As such, IB-S presently gathers researchers from several other top research units from the University of Minho. 

Together we aim to develop multidisciplinary research to provide new materials, methodologies and strategies, to support the rehabilitation of built environment, the conservation of Natural Capital, and the compatibilization of both. Derived innovation should strongly impact on circular and blue economies. Additionally we have a close collaboration with a Council of key industrial players to promote the Institute image and objectives in the productive sector as well as define the main trends of development.

Official website:  http://ib-s.​​​ 

CAlg - Centro Algoritmi
CTAC - Centro de Território, Ambiente e Construção ​
Lab2PT - Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory 
NIMA - Núcleo de Investigação em Microeconomia Aplicada 
CMEMS - Centro de Sistemas Microeletromecânicos
Proef - Não é sigma é o nome da empresa
Andrade Gutierrez
Sonae Sierra
MCA grupo - Não é sigma é o nome da empresa
Topos Atelier
BCSD - Conselho Empresarial para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Águas de Portugal



The QuantaLab is a collaborative research center established by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and the Universidade do Minho, both in Braga, Portugal.  It brings together scientists  to carry out  research in the  broad areas of Quantum Materials and Quantum Technologies. The  project covers fundamental aspects in  experimental, theoretical, and computational research.

Its mission: To develop advanced research in the area of quantum materials and quantum physics, quantum chemistry, and computer sciences,  to  study potential applications to new technologies,  to  promote their transfer  to new markets and to  provide scientific consulting services to companies and investors in these fields of research.

The QuantaLab project was  launched on July 1st 2016,  when  INL Director, Lars Montelius  and UM Rector, Antonio Cunha, signed a  memorandum of understanding.  Manuel Heitor, Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, presided the ceremony.

QuantaLab  will also launch openings to hire the best possible researchers in these research areas,  worldwide.

Official website​: