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 Plant adaptations to climate changes

The Blended Intensive Program on “Plant adaptations to climate changes” will be hosted by the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal, in April and May 2024.

Priorities addressed: Environment and fight against climate change

Objectives and methods: Agriculture faces significant challenges exacerbated by climate change and pollution. Our program addresses this need through a multifaceted approach. Theoretical sessions, conducted both online and in-person, in synchronous and asynchronous formats, explore the diverse facets such as plant physiology, development, and productivity in response to abiotic and biotic stresses induced by climate change and pollution. Hands-on experimental activities will enable participants to apply theoretical concepts. Furthermore, seminars by national and international specialists will enrich participants' understanding of cutting-edge research and emerging trends. 

Field of Education: Biology
Level of Study:  Master or Doctorate
Physical (in person) start/end date:  May 6th to 10th
Country of Venue: Portugal
City of Venue: Braga

Physical component description: Conducting experimental research aimed at elucidating the interactions between plants and their environment. Theoretical-practical sessions.

Virtual component description:
April 15th-19th: kick off with presentations, group formation, seminars (online and in-person; synchronous and asynchronous) by national and international experts, and problem and project elaborations. 
May 13th-17th: analyzing the results, preparing and presenting oral communications, and evaluating students.

Main Teaching/Training Language: English
Number of ECTS Credits Awarded: 6 ECTS

Teachers/Trainers delivering the Programme: Experienced national and international professors and researchers, including from the partner institutions.

Partner institutions: University of Minho, Université catholique de Louvain, University of Wrocław, Universidad de Granada

This course is organized by the Research Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA) and the Department of Biology of the School of Sciences of UMinho. 

+Info: Prof. Hernâni Gerós - geros@bio.uminho.pt | Prof. Viviana Martins - vmartins@bio.uminho.pt