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 Dynamic and Electrophoretic Light Scattering Litesizer 500 Anton Paar

Equipment that uses laser light scattering intensity fluctuations to gain information about particle mobility in a liquid medium under the possible influence of an electric field. It can measure Size, Zeta potential, Molecular weight (MW), Second virial coefficient (A2), Transmittance and Refractive Index
It can operate under backscatter (175°), sidescatter (90°) or forwardscatter (15°). It can measure particles sizes from 0.3nm to 10mm and zeta potential up to ±1000mV using  Ω shaped cuvettes that  reduce artifacts due to electric field gradient. Measurable reftactive index range is from 1.28 to 1.5. Through Debye plots, MW can be obtained from 900Da to 20MDa (maximum particle size of 40nm) using sidescatter.

Centre of Physics/ Department of Physics
Photophysics II (0.09)